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Vigel M. Varkey, MD

Internal Medicine Provider & Medical Aesthetics Specialist located in New Port Richey, FL

When you’re dieting and exercising but the numbers on the scale don’t shift, it can be disheartening. Vigel M. Varkey, MD, is not only a leading internist at Vigel Varkey, M.D. in New Port Richey, Florida but also a medical director at a local weight-loss clinic. He applies his knowledge and expertise to help patients like you who need support and guidance to make a noticeable change to your appearance and your health. Call or schedule an appointment online today.

Weight Loss Q & A

How can a doctor help me lose weight?

While the math of weight loss is simple, the practice of using more calories than you consume is challenging. Working with a medical professional like Dr. Varkey who specializes in weight loss can optimize your efforts to help you lose weight safely and sustainably.

Dr. Varkey provides consultations to determine what has worked and failed in the past. He also runs tests to identify your base metabolic rate, which is how many calories your body needs to function. He checks for other medical disorders that could make it difficult for you to lose weight,  like an underactive thyroid disorder or a hormonal imbalance.

Using this information, Dr. Varkey creates a weight-loss plan customized to meet your specific needs.

What’s included in a medically supervised weight-loss program?

Through a medically supervised program, Dr. Varkey helps you lose weight in three primary ways.


Changing your diet is the most important factor in losing weight. While Dr. Varkey takes your personal tastes into account when creating your diet plan, you may find the change shocking at first.

Your diet is designed to keep you feeling full, but it restricts your calories and focuses on ensuring you eat plenty of vegetables and lean proteins. Dr. Varkey may adjust your diet plan periodically as you lose weight. Once you reach your goal, he helps you find a maintenance diet that helps you keep the weight off.


Dr. Varkey first measures your fitness levels before suggesting exercises that you can do safely. Throughout your weight-loss journey, Dr. Varkey monitors the ratio of your calories consumed versus calories used. You may find that as you add exercise into your daily habits that you need to eat a little more to maintain your energy levels.


You have regular meetings and weigh-ins with Dr. Varkey to monitor your progress. In his experience, patients maintain motivation when they know he is following their progress closely. It’s common to reach plateaus during weight loss, and Dr. Varkey can adjust your diet and exercise plans when this happens to keep you on track to meet your goal.

Why is it important to maintain a healthy weight?

Dr. Varkey monitors your weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, and other vitals throughout your weight-loss program. As you lose weight, you’ll see other improvements to your health including reduced blood pressure, lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and improved overall well-being.

If you’re ready to commit to changing your life and losing weight for good, call or schedule a consultation online today.

*Individual results may vary.